Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Road to Rome

I've been back from Europeville for almost a week now, and I figure it's about time to start with the postin'. These first sketches catalogue the journey from Provo to Rome. At least, they catalogue the existence of the stuff around me as I went from Provo to Rome. Like my sleeping wife. Or my almost sleeping wife. Or my wife in her pajamas.


Jeremy Thompson said...

nice stuff brosette.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Beauties. Can't wait to see the rest.
Welcome back!

Unknown said...

I really admire your creative journaling. It seems completely unique and innovative.

Brant Moon said...

You are a true impressionist, good sir. You just lay it down. Up close, it looks like nothing, but far away, it's a photo.

You do everything I can't, like it's no big deal at all.'s really irritating ;)

Brian Kohrman said...

Jake, every time I look at your work, I tell myself to chill out and stop worrying about stuff. I should listen to myself sometime.