Sunday, March 28, 2010


This is a panel from a comic that I made last weekend. It felt so alive in the sketch phase and then it just DIED on me when I tried to carry it to the finish. This panel is one of the only survivors. I'll give it another go in a few weeks. I kind of liked the story. It just didn't play quite the way I wanted it to.

About a week ago my boy Jeremy told me that I'm too prone to toss out finished work, and it gets in the way, slows me down, holds me back.


But I'm coming to accept that some things, whether are not I like them, are just me, and I'm all I've got to work with.

At least I have a human head.


Jared Scott Greenleaf said...

Great pose, great collar bone, great depth in environment, great colors.

Jeremy Thompson said...

great... scott! You do toss out your finished stuff too often, but this looks "great" and I would love to see the rest of it. AND, having a human head is over-rated... when you have the head of a minotaur!

Anthony Holden said...

If you HAD to throw it out, you kept the right image. And I agree with Brother Greenleaf--fantastic colors.

Will Strong said...

The colors are not at all what I was expecting when you showed me the sketches. But they are working really well here.

Morgan Rhys Gibbons said...

it's not an easy life, i'll tell ya, being a minotaur born with a human head.