Friday, December 17, 2010


Yoshitaka Amano is the mad, inscrutable god of his own surreal universe.  
He destroys and commands both space and time through pattern, texture, and a phalanx androgynous, heavy-lidded demigods.

I don't think I need to say anything else about that.

Here are some details from the piece.

Theseus (which is done, by the way) was really environmentally sparse, and that left me itching do do something in a more visually complete world.  Therefore... Amano.


Joey Majdali said...

Yes! You nailed the feel of his style without sacrificing a sense of your own.

Tyson Murphy said...

if someone showed me these and said they were done by amano himself, I would believe them.

I remember loving his stuff ever since i flipped through an art of final fantasy book like... 15 years ago.

therefore, i love you.

Will Strong said...

And the chocolate?

Anthony Holden said...

Damn, Jake.
This is unholy.

When you come to play next week, I'll be wearing garlic cloves, and carrying silver bullets and holy water.

Not that that's so very different from every other day. (One can never be too careful...)

M.R. Weaver said...

I love getting Jake updates in my tumblr feed.
Lookin cool dude.

Michael Wyatt said...

Oh my color! This is incredible.

Josh H. Black said...

don't know you yoshitaka amano is but this has peaked my curiousity to find out Great work Jake!

Spencer said...

amazing work!

spando2 said...

consistently amazing work. I know I need to post more, but you're setting the bar so high!

Laura said...

To a Mr. Jacob Wyatt:
A returning Agent Smith sends her greetings and well-wishes to you and your lovely wife. She hopes you are still loving life and swearing less than when she left. She also thanks you for all the informal mission prep you bestowed upon her before she left. It all came in handy.
(name withheld)

Jared Scott Greenleaf said...

I like what Joey said. I could only wish to one be able to do that!
Funny thing is today I just got Amano's "Faeries" in the mail today; and then I check your post - Merry Christmas to me!
query: with all the orange/reds you've been doing lately, I'd almost expect you to keep to the cooler side of the color spectrum. . . or are you always going to be coming in hot?!

Morgan said...


You nailed it! So cool! i've bee digging through Amano's stuff lately, past few months. You really have it with the male, upside-down head, and the Gogo the mime/Gilgamesh guy in the back!

I'm proud of you.