Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hey, y'all.  I've made several prints of my work inspired by Japanese artists available through deviantArt.  

Until further notice, all of the profit from these prints (20% of the total cost) will be donated to the relief efforts of The American Red Cross in Japan and other areas affected by the pacific tsunami.

You can purchase a print 

OR, if you'd like to skip the print, you can donate directly to the relief effort 

Or both. 

These are the prints currently available:

I am extremely grateful for all of the help that my family and community received from kind and giving strangers in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  I cannot imagine what would have happened without it.  

Nature is beautiful, wild, and powerful, but it can't be anything but amoral and indiscriminately destructive.  So it's nice that there are people around to be good.


Aaron Ludwig said...

Dang. BYU blocks DeviantArt now.... how much for a Buster Sword print? Email me if you still have some.

Unknown said...

How much for the top print, with the beautiful patterns?

JAKE WYATT said...

Hey, Maria. The prints come in a few sizes, ranging from 89 cents to about 25 bucks, depending on the size you want.

Mark said...

A request to visit Japan Relief page to help survivors of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami by donating to non-profits listed there.