Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hello, Friends.

I'm still on the road, but here's some more pictures.

When I get back I'll dump a whole lot of sketchbook on you.



Cons Oroza said...

Beautiful facial expressions *_*

sam said...

Jake, as usual, your stuff looks fantastic. I look forward to the sketchdump.

Tyson Murphy said...

keep them coming. i demand it. politely.

John Kelly said...

Have I said that I love these pages yet? No? well I love your comic pages. amazing.

L Rossi said...

Ah wow! You're drawings throughout your blog are soo solid! Really impressive stuff! Your colours and style are also awesome :)
Best Wishes,

Scott Prather said...

Your work is incredible and highly inspiring! Love the direction you are taking with your line work. This really makes me wanna get drawing. Look forward to seeing more stuff!