Monday, August 15, 2011


This is what Jubilee might look like if Xavier actually ran a School for Gifted Youngsters instead of a Front for his Morally Questionable Secret Paramilitary Strike Force.

Seriously, why are those kids never in class?  And why don't they have AWESOME prep-school uniforms?

Between 1991 and 1998 most of my free time was spent trying to draw the X-Men like Jim Lee and waiting for my latent mutant powers to manifest themselves.

It was a disappointing childhood.


Ty Carter said...


Will Strong said...

I kind of had the hots for Jubilee back in the 90's. This Jubilee is way hotter.

Josh H. Black said...

Love the costume and pose! and everything else about it

Worth Dayley said...

Whooooaaaa.... I suddenly want to do nothing but draw X-Men in boarding school/prep school uniforms... And remake the video game Bully but with mutants.

Aaron Ludwig said...

I'd love to see Wolverine in a prep school uni.
Awesome sketch Jake.

messytimbo said...

wow your works amazing!!!

Unknown said...

You've completely echoed my childhood. I'm still waiting around for this.

M.R. Weaver said...

/non-mutant non-wizard hi-5

But I think your powers for sketching constantly are pretty freakish, so you have that.

Debbie Jenkinson said...

All lurvely, Jake.
But, where the post on process? Did I miss it somehow? I want to know How.

Nearly a year since ACA, can you believe it?

Madeline K. Rupard said...

These colors shouldn't be possible, but they are! Beautiful pose.

Unknown said...

my wife's favorite x-man, (x-woman?) drawn like never before! Rad.

Simini said...

I just was made to watch the wolverine movie, and all I could think was... I want to see the x-men movie that is like jake's prep scoop drawing. It was a thoroughly disappointing evening. Make this movie! (or comic book!)

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