Wednesday, April 25, 2012


For those who didn't get a primeape print before they sold out, a second print run will be available for purchase

until May 11th.  They're nice, limited edition prints selling for $40.00 each, which is a pretty nice deal.

The other artists have some fantastic prints for sale, too.

OH, and for any interested parties, I post a lot more frequently over on Tumblr.

You can see some in-progress stuff and quick sketches over there that I don't post to blogger.

Be well, people!  Enjoy your Wednesday comics!


Michael Mercer said...

Nice Work!

Christian said...

So great! What was the inspiration for the setting?

JAKE WYATT said...

Hey Christian! Primeapes have that whole martial-arts thing going on, so I was thinking they could be in a nepalese/shao lin sort of temple... and then I found out that there is a giant pagoda forest outside of a shao lin temple in China. Which is AWESOME. So I used that idea and combined it with a sort of east indian inspired ruin... and filled it with Primeapes.

Because I'm a grown-up. And grown-ups think about shao lin and pokemon all day, right?

Christian said...

Think of it this way. If the Adult Jake Wyatt never made the crazy combination of shao lin and Pokemon, than a lot of people would have missed out on an imaginative and haunting picture.

Plus the Pokemon Battle Royale gallery was mentioned on Forbes' website, the epitome of grown-upness.

P. Silva said...

didn't you play the games? the scary shrines and the primeapes appeared in pokemon Red in the road to Indigo Plateau. A coincidence? ;)

JAKE WYATT said...

You know, I never did play the games, but now I wish I had!

Ryan said...

ohh sheewt! I saw this and thought it was awesome before I realized it was yours. I like!

also freaky...the "prove your not a robot text" has me spelling syduck. its missing a "p" but that's still sort of awesome right?

Unknown said...

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ELA1kai said...

Dear Jake,your art is so unique and cool how did you learn to draw so well you did a great job with this comic